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Ordering Process:
Browse through our site, and once you find an item you're interested in, click the "Purchase Info" button below the item area. Once you fill out the necessary information on your purchase, it will send your request to Kokopelli Creations via email. This step does not confirm or complete the order, but verifies your interest in the product. Upon receiving your e-mail, Kokopelli Creations will contact you via e-mail or telephone to confirm your interest and let you know availability, shipping cost, and shipping time. At this time, Kokopelli Creations will process your order by accepting payment-in-full for your order [ (VISA, M/C, American Express & Discover), check or money order]. Once your custom-ordered merchandise in ready for shipment, Kokopelli Creations will contact you for payment, and your item(s) will ship.

Custom Orders
Due to the nature of custom ordering merchandaise, unforseen delays from manufacturers, transportation companies, and/or suppliers can occur, beyond our control. Any change(s) made to a custom order is at the discretion of Kokopelli Creations. If any such changes are feasable, they must be in writing and signed by customer on an amended custom order.

Shipping Policy
Kokopelli Creations strives to find the best value for you in shipping your new merchandise to you. This is why under most furniture you will find "depends on destination". Simply fill out your information when ordering & we will contact you as soon as possible with a firm shipping quote based on the given shipping address. If feasible we may ship your product(s) directly from the manufacturer to your home or business (drop shipped) to give you extra savings. If feasable we may ship your product(s) directly from the manufacturer to your home or business (drop shipped) to give you extra savings on shipping charges. All shipping quotes include all necessary packing and handling costs.

Shipping/Delivery times
Any shipping/delivery times stated(verbally or written) by Kokopelli Creations are only approximate and subject to change and to conditions beyond our control, such as delays that may be caused by manufacturers or shipping companies. While we aren't liable for such delays, should one occur in the production of your item from the manufacturer, Kokopelli Creations will contact you with the order status. Some of the items listed on this site may be in-stock at Kokopelli Creations and available for immediate shipping. Feel free to contact us with our current inventory on items that you are interested in.
Thank you for your interest in our products! This form will confirm your interest in purchasing the item below, and we will contact you regarding your shipping expenses, payment, and shipping date. Please provide us with the information below, and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

(If you want to order an item you've seen on our website, please use the search feature and click on the "Purchase Info" button. This will not place an order, but give us the information to contact you on that item.)

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